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The nature of this work is not bound by space or time; therefore, it is not necessary for you to be physically present. Sessions may take place either in physical location or remotely through Zoom or other platforms

We will work on Energetic, Soul, Mental/Emotional, Physical levels to bring your body to its natural state of health and wholeness

My Services

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Energy Healing

Energy healing and releasing pain and misalignments on mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Theta DNA Healing

Deep bio-energetic healing and clearing of blockages

Manifesting and Abundance

Focused on creating the life that you desire by eliminating blockages and clearing your pathways.

Mentorship Program

I assist you to open your life to new possibilities, abundance, love, relationships, and self-empowerment. In this session, we do healing, sharing of wisdom, and clearing blockages. As well, I channel messages from your higher self to assist you living your best life, to grow, and evolve to higher levels of consciousness.

Energy healing in Toronto

Session Starts With Discussion

I use intuitively, a mix of many techniques that are tailored to your specific needs, to bring your body to the optimal state so it can start the process of healing. In addition, I connect to your Higher Self and ask for messages to guide you on this journey. I will teach you many tools that are available to me as an energy practitioner to maintain your luminous field. You will shift the limiting beliefs of scarcity, unworthiness, fear etc. These beliefs limit you from living your life to the fullest.

You see, the mental/emotional state is a double-sided sword. It helps to create the chronic condition as well as exacerbate the condition when developed. Together, with the help of your Higher Self and your source connection,  we will restore and reconnect to the best version of yourself.
We will discover why you put yourself on the back burner and how you can recover yourself and bring it forth with all its brilliance. Energy healing sessions restore and upgrade the quality of your energy field, you vibrate on a higher frequency. Your body cannot survive for long without a luminous and radiant healthy field that surrounds it. This field is your connection to all that is.


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