These pains you see are messengers. Listen to them.

— Rumi

“These pains you see are messengers. Listen to them.”

— Rumi


Transformation is possible. Most illnesses flow from stress, fear, loss of will power and other traumatic experiences. As an energy healer, I integrate several healing modalities to facilitate your healing and bring balance to your physical, mental, and emotional states. In addition, I bring you messages from your Higher Self to guide your journey and reclaim you radiant energetic field. As a teacher of transformation I mentor and guide you towards the life of your dreams.

The nature of this work is not bound by space or time; therefore, it is not necessary for you to be physically present. Sessions may take place either in physical location or remotely through Zoom or other platforms.

Do you suffer from depression and despair?
Do you feel lonely and powerless?
Are you stuck in life?
Do you have unexplained issues as headaches, stomach pain, back pain?
Are there chronic or terminal conditions in your family?
Do you live in constant fear of impending doom and gloom?

Take this journey with me to start your healing process.
The result might surprise you in so many wondrous ways.
For this to happen, you must take full responsibility for your recovery, be fully present in the process.

Radiant You

Book now to start the process of recovering the life you meant to live.

Radiant You


"Sonia Nahum is an amazing energetic healer. The art of energetic healing has transformed my life. I manage two companies and encounter many people throughout the course of my day. Everyone has a different energetic profile and with each personal encounter residual energies remain. Sonia has released many of these lower energies that have been “stuck” with me for some time now. Interestingly enough, the energetic transformation of my inner self is a reflection on my outer world. Since I have been receiving healings, my companies have been performing better. I am attracting more of an abundance in my life because I feel like I am resonating at a higher frequency. Thank you Sonia!."
David Logan
Manchester, CT, USA
"Sonia was able to pick up two very important problems without prior knowledge, I felt her working on me just before I fell into a lovely sleep. On waking, I felt beautifully relaxed.. Sonia is deeply committed to providing authentic healing. Sonia is passionate in giving the best standards and ensuring she is effective. and is open to feedback. Sonia's healing sessions come highly recommended."
B. Jean
United Kingdom
"I always wanted to find and work with authentic healers. When I met Sonia my heart felt straight away that she was an amazing and experienced healer.What attracted me to her energy was the humbleness of her heart which is so rare to find these days and so much to be grateful for. During the sessions with Sonia I felt within my body that the healing flowed beyond ego ,time and space. It was the highest form of pure light and unconditional love. She was able to remove many beliefs ,patterns and trauma that were deeply buried within my subconscious mind and body and I have been struggling with for many years.The sessions that i had with Sonia were the deepest healings i have ever experienced in the last 2-3 years. This allowed me to clear old energies and completely transform my life by reaching a level of maturity and wholeness that I have always aspired towards. I am deeply grateful to Sonia and her "magic hands" and I will recommend her to everyone that I know and is in need of healing. Thank you so much ,Sonia! With love ,light and gratitude "
Ana D.
United Kingdom
"Thank you for having crossed path with me, my experience with the healing has been profound. I have released what no longer serves me as each day has been new since the session. After the session when I came home I slept from about 8pm until morning without waking up, I have embraced it as a part of my healing and transformation, preparing for my next level. With all the different energies we're all facing throughout this pandemic,I would recommend your services to anyone who would like answers for their growth and alignment. I am also a healer, but after a near death experience, I felt stuck,and needed some help,and the Universe has its way of sending you what you need just at the right time.I am grateful for the work you have done and may GOD continue to BLESS THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS."
Beverley Anderson
Brampton, ON

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