These pains you see are messengers. Listen to them.
— Rumi

Energy Healing in Toronto


Your life, just the way you envision it

Take this journey with me to start your healing process. I can guide you to find your unique spark and facilitate your transformation to total wellbeing, where health, wealth, and love are an actual possibility. The result might surprise you in so many wondrous ways.

Total transformation is possible

If you are stuck, your relationships do not work anymore, it can feel very lonely and stressful.

Energy healing in Toronto

create life that you love

You feel stuck, unloved  and lonely and your life is spinning out of control. It might even be that sickness got hold of you. It happened to me.  
I understand how hard it is when your life does not work anymore. You want to hide, to avoid people in your life, things that brought you joy before, not any more.  
I help dozens of people just like you to transform their life and find their authentic self, their sense of self-worth. 

You too can create life that you love. 

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Start healing sessions with me and create the life that you love.


Energy Healing

Theta DNA Healing

Manifesting and abundance

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Start your journey to the life you desire.

Why settle for a dull life that you cannot relate to?

Life that feels like one long day without joy while accepting fear and stress as a norm.
Life can be incredible – allow it.
In the end, you can manifest the life of your dreams, one that flows easily and fulfilling. You can finally feel at home. Eventually, even your loved ones will be amazed with the transformation.

Theta Healing Therapy Northyork

What you’ll get

I facilitate your healing on physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.  I relate to you the messages from your inner realm. I also teach you the practices and the wisdom that will help you to connect with your inner guidance. 

Working with me you gain the following - ​


What They Say.

Who I work with…

I work with people globally via Zoom and in person in Toronto, Canada.

I work with people who: 


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